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Dr. Finlason-Harper is an award winning author for her parenting book, “Communication is a Family Game, How to Reduce Stress and Fighting to Create Harmony at Home”.

Are you tired of the constant fighting and the stress of trying to figure out why asking your child to do a simple task creates an argument. Well, it’s time to stop the fighting and create harmony at home. This book gives you practical ways to help your children and you to communicate and work as a group. This is a family book with games that teach your family how to communicate with each other. It teaches everyone in your house to speak to each other in a very honest way, without any criticism, insults, or put-downs. The games combine regular family games that we like to play but with family themes like the chore games, the supermarket game and many more that will teach the family how to communicate positively and in a fun way.

The book touches on all family types and children in a family including single-parent families, different stages of your children’s lives, children with special needs and exceptionalities. Don’t forget to get the templates and other great free bonuses offered in the book!

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The book that started it all! Co-authored with World Civility Youth Of the Year 2020, Elizabeth Curley. Out of Many Families, One Nation speaks about how families have changed from nuclear and by explaining all the projects that Dr. Finlason-Harper has done in her nation, she explains how to achieve Family Civility through a universal design of family.

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