Workshops and Diploma Programs


Family Civility Workers program aligns with all the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but especially 1-8, 10, 11, 12, & 16. The program will last for one year for professionals and two years for students. Each trainee will receive training by Dr. Rebecca Finlason-Harper who is a registered Social Service Worker, Communications Specialist and a Doctorate in Philosophy in Humanities for all her work with Family Empowerment and Nation Development.

You have a variety of programs and workshops to choose from:

Professional Diploma Program for professionals (1 year) or Students (2 years)

Certificate Workshops in the Family Civility Approach to Social Work and International Community Development

Civility Courses and Electives

Professional Diploma Program for professionals includes a Theory and Practicum Workshop and Field Practicum on 800 hours: Each cohort will train thirty (30) FCWs. They will be able to deliver services within their community and because travel is within their community, they are able to service forty (40) households for three months. Some households will need longer time and some households many need less time, therefore the quota of forty households can be more but not less. Field Practicum (800 hours): In the first year of training, the FCW will be working in their own communities and will monitored by submitted case files and monthly zoom calls. Once the FCW is certified they can charge for their services and the fees will be regulated by the Commission and the commission will also handle complaints by being the overseeing body that regulate standards.

Certificate Workshops in the Family Civility Approach to Social Work and International Community Development are 6 module online courses that teaches the family civility approach to community development workers and organizations. The International Community Development course has a travel option where you can work in a community in a country in Africa or the Caribbean for two week to practice the theory learnt.

Additional Courses: We also offer Civility courses from Civility Ambassadors around the world.

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